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Sales and Sr. Product Manager

Dave Rawlins - Director of Industrial Products
Office Ph: +1-937-454-9643 
   Cell Ph: +1-937-416-5424
         Fax: +1-937-918-0023

National Accounts Sales Manager 

Chuck DiPasquale - National Accounts Sales Manager
Office Ph: +1-412-381-8181
   Cell Ph: +1-412-215-0090
         Fax: +1-412-381-4834

Asia & Austrialia Regional Sales Manager  

Gunpyo Kim  - Regional Sales Manager
Office Ph: +82-2-6201-4558
   Cell Ph: +82-10-9310-7317
         Fx: +82-2-6201-4555


Customer Service & Order Entry

Deanne Hartman                    
Ph: +1-937-454-9634                                             
Fx:  +1-937-918-0023          

Northern U.S. & Canada Regional Sales

Bob Englet - Northern Regional Sales Manager
Office Ph: +1-307-266-0144
   Cell Ph: +1-307-262-5781 
         Fax: +1-307-473-1244

Southern U.S & Mexico. Regional Sales 

Dave Rhodes - Southern Regional Sales Manager
Office Ph: +1-512 -541-6953 
   Cell Ph: +1-512-541-6953

Europe - UK - MiddleEast Sales

Ruben Hattu - European Regional Sales Manager
Office Ph:31-(0)6-5272-6027

   Cell Ph: 31-31-684-8755

* Speaks Dutch, German, French and English


South America Regional Sales

  ** Neil Walker South America Regional Sales Manager
Office Ph:56-9-6586-5195

   Cell Ph:56-9-6586-5195

**Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English

AfterMarket and Replacement Parts

Deanne Hartman - Customer Service
Office Ph: +1-937-454-9634
         Fax: +1-937-918-0023


Literature and Trade Show Information

Anita Hamilton - Marketing Coordinator
Office Ph: +1-937-918-2710
         Fax: +1-937-898-8431

Technical Assistance &
Authorized Starter Remans

Mike Briscoe - Field Service Engineer
Office Ph: +1-937-454-9639 
   Cell Ph: +1-937-308-1493
         Fax: +1-937-898-8431